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Unconventional trainer and charming partner discover a natural talent to protect athletes while investigating sport-related crime. The first-ever Sport investigative TV series is full of ACTION, DANGER, ROCK MUSIC, PSYCHOLOGY and WELL-PLACED HUMOUR. A mix of procedural crime drama and visceral, real sports action.



SPORT CRIME tells the stories of "Seams Agency", based in Lugano and ready to intervene when an alleged crime or infraction endangers a team, a sport venue or an athlete. The mission of the agents is to PROTECT the sport and its values at any cost.

Each episode is based in a different sport and ambient, with lots of insight in sports, places 
and history that often become a sort of funny, short and deep documentaries. The whole series is designed for multiple reading, from the “muscular” and spectacular to the brainy and cultured one. Rock addicted and history dwellers will find strong amusement through served in a quick and brand new fashion.


Wonderful landscapes of breathtaking and mostly unknown places host local, social and sport tradition, with medieval locations mixed up with pulsating muscles. Investigations are enriched by lots of "locker room" banter, technique, curious and unbelievable facts. 

The main couple is formed by the charming and rational Dani and by Dabs, the scarred, scary, sinewy and funny giant. The muscle man has a penchant for hard rock and breaking windows and rules. They are former athletes that often try or re-enact the facts risking their bodies in smashing tackles, high-velocity crashes and body checks. No stand-ins or tricks, all the involved actors
and athletes do it for real.

Dani and Dabs share a strong interaction that brings to comic or subtly cerebral moments often involving other agents. 

Wonderful landscapes and places backdrop electrifying sports, suspicious deaths, mentalists, stage-fit rockers, botany experts and Bollywood stars.


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