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The first ever Sports investigative series,
filled with action, adventure, edgy music, psychology and humour.

A true mix of procedural crime drama and visceral, real sports action.


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Season1 | 6x47' | Sports investigation, drama


spring 2024

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Former anchorwoman Daniela Goblin and Rugby player and analyst Luka "Dabs" Kriv start a Sports Agency. Since the beginning SEAMS is involved in cases that go far beyond the commonly known surface. Dabs’s unique perception and sensitivity to sleuthing is crucial and often pushes him on the edge. While the other “seamers” start to gel, Dabs has to deal with some quirky, scary or conflictual relationships inside and outside of the Agency. The death of an old teammate triggers a journey in the past.

L’analista sportivo, ex rugbysta e rocker Luka "Dabs" Kriv e l’ex anchor TV Daniela Goblin fondano a Lugano l’agenzia sportiva SEAMS. Fin dall'inizio SEAMS è coinvolta in casi che vanno ben oltre la superficie. La percezione e la sensibilità uniche di Dabs nell'investigazione sono cruciali e spesso lo spingono al limite. La morte di un vecchio compagno di squadra innesca un viaggio nel passato.


The seamers


Luka "dabs" kriv

(Luca Tramontin)


The team sports analyst and trainer. Athletic, shamanic, multilingual, well-read, rebellious giant. Terribly sharp and ironic, completely unpredictable and surprising, an animal lover, a keen rocker and a deep mind reader.


daniela goblin

(Daniela Scalia)


Former sports journalist and anchorwoman. Elegant but discreet, nurturing and motherly, she is the rational side of the Agency. She's the boss but a very relaxed one.


laura bonini keller

(Elettra Mallaby)


The blond, thin, high classy she-lawyer is an expert of passports and contracts. A social climber and a swot, she is honest and loyal. “The guys” at the agency make lot of fun of her.


jaden botende

(Toussaint Mavakala)


Technician of sport related software. A fashionable “Trap-Black”, with permanent ear-phones. A bit naive, he is the perfect joke-foil for the ever jesting Dabs. He is a gummy-flexible hip-hopper and breakdancer.

Jas2 (1).png

jasmine saidi

(Nabila Jaziri)


Seams secretary is quiet, accurate, caring, happy of her Arabic descent and life in general. She smiles and laughs silently oozing a not well conceived depth and wit. She is a keen dancer and a former cheerleading athlete.

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tv series by blullow sa


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